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Universal Pro Chemical is a unique dry version of Pro-Universal and makes 8 liters when mixed. It is a universal indoor and outdoor coil cleaner, which not only cleans very effectively but also has no detrimental effect on the coils themselves. buy UNIVERSAL PRO CHEMICAL online. Pro-Universal features a special inhibitor that prevents the cleaner from attacking delicate fins. Instead, it concentrates solely on actively breaking down soil and dirt. It is a nonfoaming, self rinsing product that not only is coil friendly but is safer for both the user and the environment than many traditional foaming coil cleaners.


  • The unique dry product that mixes with water to make 8 liters of Pro-Universal.
  • Non-foaming & Non-corrosive.
  • Economical & Effective.
  • Provides on-going protection for the coil.

Another key advantage of Pro-Universal is that it leaves a protective coating on the coil. This coating guards the coil between treatments and helps to prevent dirt from sticking and makes the next clean UNIVERSAL PRO CHEMICAL online from


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